Named Canada’s high-tech capital, Markham is known for its vast technology industry. Markham is home to over 1,000 life sciences and high-tech companies that generate 37,000 jobs, earning its reputation as a technological hub. However, there is more to what makes Markham a technology capital than just its thriving tech industry; well-planned communities and advanced infrastructure are also responsible for putting Markham on the map.

With such a large emphasis on smart growth, Markham has become a leader by paving the way for other municipalities to follow in its footsteps and become smart cities as well. Markham aims to manage growth and create a strong community and economy, as well as a clean and healthy environment. As part of their initiatives Markham became the first municipality in Ontario to host a level 3 Electric Vehicle Charging Station. As well as host one of the largest solar photovoltaic fleets in Ontario.

Encouraging citizens to reduce their electricity consumption and recycle their textiles, Markham is working towards a green future. With a strong emphasis on urban planning, the city of Markham is transforming to meet the needs of its citizens and help them adopt the evolved urban living they’re in search of.

Markham Square is part of this transformation, with a focus on sustainability and modern urban living, targeting LEED-Silver designations. High-efficiency interior lighting will help reduce energy consumption and costs, amidst the multitude of other environmentally friendly features the building will have. Markham Square’s vast list of amenities also corroborates Markham’s style of urban living, with meeting rooms and a tech lounge.
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