Spend your summer enjoying the outdoors by exploring all the trails Markham has to offer.

Milne Dam Conservation Park Trail

Photo courtesy of Great Windows

Whether you’re walking, jogging or cycling, Milne Dam Conservation Park is a wonderful place to get outside, enjoy nature and some physical activity. The park offers 2.3 kms of trails, as well as a beach area and bird watching opportunities, as the park is home to wetlands, forests and open space.

Huntington Trail

Photo courtesy of Ontario Trails

A charming trail to hike, Huntington Trail is 2 km of beautiful forested surroundings, where you can encounter deer, rabbits and other woodland animals. The trail runs west from Leslie Street, along the edge of Maple Valley to Evergreen Court.

Unionville Valleylands Trail

Photo courtesy of Ontario Trails

Unionville Valleylands is a diverse trail that is home to lush forests, rivers and wildlife for you to truly immerse yourself in the best of Markham’s natural surroundings. During the summer your can enjoy hiking, trail running and both road and mountain biking. However, during the colder months, the trail is just as busy, perfect for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Toogood Pond

Photo courtesy of Oak Ridges Trail

The perfect location to enjoy a leisurely stroll by the water, Toogood Pond Park has a picturesque trail that is shaded by large trees and wraps around the pond. Ideal for a warm summer day, you can enjoy the warm weather and beautiful views while also staying cool.

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