We’re reading a lot about self-care in the media recently – about how important it is to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Luckily, life at Markham Square offers convenient opportunities to attend to all three. In addition to a state-of-the-art fitness centre and amenity spaces designed to encourage community and social connection; in addition to suite interiors bathed in natural light; in addition to an amazing neighbourhood location connected to nature, entertainment, retail, restaurants, and more; Markham Square also offers access to two renowned educational institutions. We already gave you a snapshot of York University’s remarkable new 21st century campus (if you missed it, you can catch that post here). Today we’re introducing you to Seneca College Markham Campus and its numerous opportunities to learn and grow.

Markham Campus is the first post-secondary education facility in the Town of Markham, and the northeastern outpost for Seneca College, an institution that has been providing flexible, relevant, applicable training across the Greater Toronto Area for more than half a century. The campus is home to both full and part-time programs, providing greater access for modern lifestyles.

Want to build an impressive business career like former Tim Hortons President & CEO, Marc Caira (a Seneca alum)? Try a degree in Business Admin. Passionate about your blog and think you can turn it into a full-time gig? The faculty of experts in the Social Media program can help you bridge the gap. Think you’re the next Isadore Sharp with an idea to challenge the Four Seasons brand worldwide? Then maybe Global Hospitality Business Development will catch your interest. From business and marketing, to tourism and aviation, Seneca College Markham Campus combines the highest educational standards, hands-on learning, expert faculty, and the latest technology to ensure that graduates are set up for success.

The campus is also the location of the esteemed Confucius Institute, a non-profit public institution promoting Chinese language and culture, and facilitating cultural exchange. For businesses looking to operate overseas, or for entrepreneurs eager to capture the potential of the Far East, the Institute offers unparalleled opportunities to network and learn. At a campus 10 minutes from your front door you may find the skills you need to operate in business, halfway around the world.

That’s what it’s like to live at Markham Square – the whole world lies at your doorstep. Whether it’s getting to work, getting to class, fitting in a workout, having a family dinner, or just hanging out with friends, Markham Square puts you exactly where you need to be for every aspect of your life. Learn. Grow. Live. And have fun while you’re doing it. That’s the Markham Square lifestyle. Are you ready?

Lead photo courtesy of Study at Seneca

Lead photo courtesy of Study at Seneca