Markham may be Canada’s high-tech capital, but all those brilliant minds need fuel to function, and for that, there’s the city’s thriving restaurant scene, a veritable melting pot of multi-cultural cuisine. Of course you probably already know that Markham is the place to go for wontons and Cantonese dim sum, but did you also know that the 905 is home to Japanese fusion, killer pizza, Australian-inspired brunch, and some of the most authentic taramosalata outside of Ancient Greece? Here are just a few bite-size previews to whet your appetite. But don’t take our word for it, explore Markham’s food scene for yourself and taste the international flavours of Toronto’s neighbour to the north.

Smash Kitchen
Smash Kitchen has made a name for itself serving up quality comfort food with a modern twist. From crab cakes to lobster mac and cheese, this is the place to go when you’re looking to satisfy your tummy and soothe your soul.
4261 Highway 7,

Next Door
We can’t mention Smash without also mentioning sister restaurant, Next Door. While it is, in fact, a quick 12 minute walk between the two spots, Next Door feels like exactly that – your neighbour next door. Visit the industrial chic restaurant for seasonally inspired fusion plates that take cues from Canadian, Australian, even Japanese cuisine.
139 Main Street Unionville,

Casa Victoria
When the King of Chowhound, “a walking encyclopedia of the GTA’s Chinese food scene,” recommends a spot for dim sum, you might want to listen. And this is where you’ll often find the King – in the opulent dining room at Casa Victoria, feasting on wok-fried lobster with a coating of salted duck egg yolk.
8601 Warden Avenue #4,

Inspire Restaurant
Any restaurant that puts “inspire” directly in its name sets some high expectations, but thankfully, Inspire Restaurant delivers on its promise. The hidden gem is, according to one food blogger, “easily one of the more unique spots to grab a meal in Markham.” With a fusion menu that includes duck tacos and udon carbonara, this is the perfect blend for multi-cultural Markham.
144 Main Street,

It’s a Bao Time
If you’re a sucker for puns (and we definitely are) then It’s a Bao Time is just the spot for some good laughs and good eats. The bright space is the perfect place to grab some handmade bao, bahn mi, and other Asian-inspired bite-sized goodness like Taiwanese bottled tea and Bulgogi Kimchi fries.
230 Commerce Valley Drive East,

When you think Greek food the Danforth might be the first spot that comes to mind, but on Highway 7 you’ll find some of the most authentic tzatziki, taramosalata, hummus, and saganaki outside of Ancient Greece. Whether you want a quick lunch or a relaxing evening with friends, Ithaca has you covered.
5308 Highway 7 East,

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