It used to be that buildings, in a quest for recognition and prestige, aspired to be the tallest – in a city, a country, the world (that record is currently held by the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, FYI). Today, there’s a new measuring stick that has little to do with size. Who can be the greenest? Green is growing and Markham Square is on board.

Markham Square is going for gold, literally, targeting LEED Gold certification, the industry benchmark for sustainable, energy-efficient living. We’ll be in good company. The Empire State Building underwent a $120 million renovation to receive a LEED Gold rating in 2011. In 2012 Siemens’ joined the ranks of LEED with The Crystal, a building that generates its own energy using solar power and ground source heat pumps, with no fossil fuels. Apple claims that their new corporate campus, Apple Park, is on track to be the largest LEED Platinum–certified building in North America running on 100% renewable energy with a campus that includes over 9000 trees. More than 2.2 million square feet become LEED certified every day, and Markham Square is proud to be joining the esteemed group.

But what does it mean exactly to go for LEED Gold? Well for starters, it means everything, from building materials to finishes to technology, has been carefully chosen to meet LEED’s exacting standards.

  • Carpets have been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Indoor Air Quality Test Program.
  • Latex-based paints, adhesives, and sealants have been certified by the Environmental Choice Program to ensure ultra-low emissions.
  • Adhesive-free hard surface flooring has been chosen to reduce dust, allergens, and off-gassing.
  • Indoor air quality is constantly monitored
to ensure fresh air at all times.
  • Double glazed, Low-E windows save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators, LED interior lighting, and ENERGY STAR appliances reduce electricity use.
  • Landscaping plans make use of rainwater storage, conserving a precious natural resource.
  • Secure bike storage and close proximity to public transportation (like YRT/Viva and GO Transit) let you reduce your carbon footprint and provide more accessible options for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Construction waste is diverted to reduce landfill.
  • An on-site Tri-Sorter waste disposal and recycling facility means building waste is reduced, reused, and recycled to the maximum degree.

If you didn’t understand all the nitty gritty, don’t fret, the bottom line is this – a LEED Gold certification for Markham Square means a healthier, more comfortable, energy-efficient home for you, and a healthier planet for all. Pretty remarkable, wouldn’t you say?